Travel Network Group

When the Travel Network Group and their members had difficulty executing their own marketing campaigns, with even the larger more capable ones buying leads, they came to Simon Thorp Consulting for help.

With over 800 members, The Travel Network Group is the largest independent travel network in Europe. They are very much at the forefront of the travel industry, leading the way in networking businesses and members to the benefit of all operating in the independent travel market.   The Travel Network Group provides a range of membership propositions, products and services that enable new or existing travel businesses to operate within this dynamic sector. They facilitate mutually beneficial relationships for members and supplier they facilitate mutually beneficial relationships that enable growth in this diverse and challenging sector.

An ‘out of house’ lead gen pilot was set up, with Travel Network Group as the client.

An approach was piloted, with a Worldchoice Travel member (a small business reflective of many members), to build knowledge and data to prove and deliver the concept.

Initially, a non-bookable website was quickly created for the travel agent, and then highly targeted digital marketing was used across Google and Facebook to drive leads and built a social media loyalty club.

Campaign highlights have included a substantial number of website visitors, significant levels of Google ad appearances, considerable extra phone sales leads and 2,000+ Facebook fans connecting Worldchoice to a further audience and prospective customer base of millions of people, many of whom different to the traditional profile.