“Ignore the gobbledegook. No two brands need the same marketing plan. Effective marketing is about achieving two things: 1) making an impact so that your brand stands out, and 2) generating a response at as low a cost as possible. By using our wealth of practical experience of what works (and what doesn’t), we can help you cut through the noise and sales patter to select the best possible options.”

Simon Thorp, Simon Thorp Consulting

Your needs might be as simple as us helping draw up a plan of action. Or generating sales leads as quickly (and at as low a cost risk) as possible. Maybe implementing a social media strategy to build a loyalty club based on hard evidence of success rather than flashy Power Point slide shows. Alternatively you might need a new website or Facebook page but have little or no budget to pay for this.

What we offer you is a range of cost effective solutions, which we can deliver quickly, and in plain, friendly English.

We work closely with our clients to help them evaluate and implement the best possible sales and marketing activities for their businesses.

One size most certainly does not fit all.  Don’t be fooled by marketing agencies who insist the only way to attract customers is to spend a big budget on traditional advertising like press, radio and TV. The fact is such agencies need you to take this approach not because it’s always best for your business but because they have shareholders, media owners like newspapers, and staff, to keep happy. In other words, they want to make more money for less work. For themselves. Which is selfish, lazy, and not much help to you.

If we sound like the kind of help you require, then do get in touch.   The initial discussion costs you nothing but could benefit you considerably in the long term!

Simon Thorp

Simon Thorp, Owner, Simon Thorp Consulting

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