Red Box Band

Red Box, founded and creatively driven to this day by singer/songwriter/producer Simon Toulson-Clarke, pioneered what has become known as “World Music” with their debut album The Circle & The Square and global hit singles Chenko, Lean on Me and For America.   Following the success of their most recent album Plenty – a collection of powerful songs of love, spirituality and family – Red Box have reactivated around new composing and creative ideas.  This includes brand new recorded material, live performances in architecturally and acoustically beautiful settings and exclusive events for both fans and aspiring musicians alike.

Red Box chose to work with Simon Thorp Consulting as they needed a new website with the ability to quickly and flexibly update content, as well as providing an engaging and creative ‘shop window’ for their music.

Working directly with the artists, we designed and edited a beautiful and functional website which does justice to the band and its musical legacy.